The TiltEQ

Tilt EQ is a free VST Plugin to achieve a linear tilt function with a single knob. This way the spectral balance of audio material can be changed very easily without introducing colouration.

The center frequency of the tilt function is 1300 Hz.

Tilt EQ is based on FIR filters that can be either linear or minimum phase. Traditional minimum phase shelving IIR filters also have been implemented in order to allow further adjustments. The following graphs show second order shelving filters in comparison to the FIR approach with linear slope. The tilt of the slope can be set by the linear tilt knob. The steepness of the slope is given in dB/oct.

The following graph shows two different settings with the linear slope set to maximum, in this case -1dB / oct. and 1dB/oct:

Highshelf filters with gain = +-3dB, Freq = 4500 Hz
Lowshelf filters with gain = +-6dB, Freq = 125 Hz:


Download TiltEQ VST 64 bit V_0.14 for Windows (requires at least Win. 7)
Download TiltEQ VST 32 bit V_0.13 for Windows (requires at least XP)

Download TiltEQ VST V_0.13 for OS-X (Universal Binary)

Download TiltEQ AU V_0.13 for OS-X

On windows Tilt-EQ requries the installation of Intel MKL redistributable library: You can use this direct download link from Intel

If Tilt-EQ should not work, please try to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable für Visual Studio 2017. Regarding on the type of your operating system you need to install either x86 or x64 version. For Windows 10 you probably want to choose x64
TiltEQ for MAC requires at least Yosemite (OS-X 10.10).

I am also working on audio gear for DirectOut. The Prodigy MP will also feature a TiltEQ 🙂

TiltEQ is free. Please donate if you like TiltEQ. It takes time to maintain it and keep it functional. Every amount is appreciated.



V_0.14: Fixed wrong behavior when using Pyramix offline rendering
TiltEQ 32 bit should now also support the old Windows XP

V_0.13: Removed knob movement bug

-V_0.12: Removed noise when switching on/off
-Plugin reports delay immediately
-Now working with MKL for better performance

Matthias Kock 2017
matthiaskock at

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  2. This is a great plugin… sounds very good and makes toneshaping fast & easy . Thanks for a wonderful plugin.

  3. I really find tilt EQ’s very useful and this one with the additional options along with being based on curves which are not baxandall make it even more intriquing. Really look forwards to trying this out within the context of a mix when I am able to do Matthias.

    Thank you very much and I’m pretty certain I will not be dissapointed. All the best your way man, Cheers \m/

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